Mouvo 2023

Am I, Are you, is she, A I?

At the turn of 2022/23, when we were thinking about the visual style of the upcoming Mouvo conference, it was impossible to ignore the AI phenomenon, especially the massive emergence of personal chatbot ChatGPT. As a result, AI was the main topic of the conference panel with numerous experts from the scientific and artistic communities.

The debate cements cautious optimism about the coming era in which creative work will go hand in hand with machine learning. Mild concerns about the loss of jobs and the devaluation of the creative process losing its human face were expressed.

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The chatbot personified by the human in the analogue-shot jingle comes across as a slightly clumsy charlatan trying to fulfill the commissioner’s wish: to find suitable speakers for the current conference without having the resources to do so. Just like a human being, he makes things up and improvises.

Simultaneously, the bot acts as the Mouvo emcee, introducing the performers via short medallions. The chat form determins the shape of the service graphics, the permuting texting evokes the search, and the image emerges via an emoji pattern.

The Easter egg in the jingle is a machine-learning sequence that interprets the authentic image of the robot as its AI version through prompts.

It led to the creation of a series of tests that eventually appeared in the jingle.


Czech Motion Design
Marek Cimbálník
Jan Netušil
Marek Cimbálník
Jiří Němec
Jan Netušil
Graphic design
Marek Cimbálník
Daniel Šmíra
Jan Netušil
Machine learning
Daniel Šmíra
Jan Čechtický
Marek Cimbálník