Mouvo 2017

Becoming visionaries

The future is creativity. Technology is a canvas. Find your path instead of following the crowd. Conference’s theme for 2017 was the future of motion design and its visual identity was inspired by the time machine. Mouvo encouraged creators to express their art and make movement a pleasing experience for the audience.

At the end of the conference, it was apparent that on top of being an intersection of graphic design, animation, video, new technologies, and special effects, Mouvo was becoming a meeting place for the best thinkers, talents, and producers from around the world. A place where they can gather, cooperate, learn, and be inspired while forming a growing Mouvo community.

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Czech Motion Design
Marek Cimbálník
2D animation
Vít Zemčík
Martin Pokorný
3D animation
Jakub Špaček
Lukáš Fišárek
Martin Pokorný
Lukáš Fišárek
Jan Čechtický