Planet Prague

Discover the City Through the Eyes of Plants and Animals

How do plants and animals inhabit the environment that humans have built for themselves? Together with the Center for Architecture and Urban Planning and the creators of the film “Planet Prague,” we have created an interactive installation on a 24-meter panoramic screen. The installation is part of the “Planet Prague” exhibition.

Visitors become explorers navigating through five different biotopes displayed on a real scale. Using custom-designed controllers, they can discover hidden animals and plants thriving in these settings.

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The entire installation begins with an introduction to the Solar System, gradually zooming in to the “Planet Prague.”

Uncovering an animal reveals a viewfinder with footage of its life in its natural habitat. Each environment features a color palette representing its unique setting. The simple graphic stylization of 3D models, designed in the style of vector illustrations, unifies the overall projection identity and highlights the videos.

Each environment is separated by brief informational segments that show on a map of Prague where the biotopes are located.

The interactivity of the installation is based on controllers originally designed for virtual reality. Their position, tilt, and distance are live-transmitted to an interactive application created in the Unity game engine. Throughout the installation, we tested various control solutions, pushing the trackers to the limits of their technical capabilities due to the space’s dimensions. The entire installation operates in real time, responding to visitors’ commands by activating not only videos but also spatial sound, ensuring a uniquely immersive experience.

Choosing the controller as a means of interaction was intentional; its use is intuitive and natural.

It transports the visitor into the virtual space, thus breaking the boundary between the projection and the physical space of the gallery, achieving audience immersion.


IPR Prague
Eugen Liška
Benedikt Markel
Creative & Technological Solution
Jan Netušil
Jan Netušil
Jiří Netušil
2D and Post-Production
Luisa Pánková
3D Scenes
David Jurion
Environment art assistant
Jakub Kozelka
Collaboration on Concept & Creation of 3D Intro Scene
Marek Cimbálník
Vlaďka Cimbálníková
Luisa Pánková