The Wall

The art of protest

We created an impressive thirteen-meter-wide and three-meter-tall interactive projection wall for Signal Festival 2019. Seizing the topic of the Velvet Revolution as a creative impetus, our intention was to accentuate the wall as a space of free expression in times of oppression and establishment. Individual manifestations became beacons of light and hope in the darkness of the night. We transformed this metaphor into reality and gave attendees control over tools of light.

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Cameras were camouflaged in front of the projection wall, capturing the motion of light bulbs attached to handheld torches operated by attendees. Their movements functioned as digital brushes on the projection canvas.

Nine torches were available with three different colors, each with a distinct function. They provided means of self-expression for this interactive installation at Lannova Park and enabled visitors to let their imagination run wild. In turn, festival attendees assumed the form of visual artists as well as agents of revolt and freedom.


Signal Festival
Art/Technical Direction
Jan Netušil
Jiří Netušil
Spatial Design
Jaroslav Kučera