La Biennale di Venezia

The Office for a Non-Precarious Future

Emblematic of the theme of the Venice Architecture Biennale, the National Gallery presented The Office for a Non-Precarious Future. Can young architects working in precarious conditions create a better world? Oficina won the competition for the visual style of the exhibition as well as the online content.

The basic element of the installation and consequently the entire visual style is a recycled office monitor screen configured with the most common aspect ratio of 16x9.

When first encountering the Factory section of the installation, the visitor witnesses an altar of screens emitting white light overlaid with bold black text on a white background displaying urgent questions.

The atmosphere is accentuated by an unsettling bustle and rhythm that draws attention to the passing of time. The answers are hidden at first glance and are only revealed to visitors by looking through a partition with an integrated polarizing filter.

The data is supplemented by video testimonials from real people who sat behind the similar monitors.

Once the visitor views the content and gets under the surface, the rest is inverted and displayed on a dark background. The screen grid and the contrast between black and white imagery is transposed into all the graphic materials as the space is also divided in two.

Do you work over the weekend? Do you work overtime? Do your current working conditions allow planning to have children? Is your work contracted out legally?
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NG Prague
Jan Netušil
Art Direction
Daniel Šmíra
František Polák
Marek Cimbálník
Graphic design
František Polák
Daniel Šmíra
Luisa Pánková
Jan Netušil
Michal Špirko
Jiří Němec
Jiří Němec
Jiří Netušil
Sound design
Jan Čechtický
Robin Skotnický
Vlaďka Cimbálníková
Markéta Sasínová