Led Wall

Image dynamics, simplicity of colours, surfaces and information.

Every year we prepare a speciality for you at the Mouvo conference. You probably know the lux wall of the Archa Theatre, where the meeting was held for the fifth time. We addressed the limits of technology and the possibilities of solutions. Transparent luxspheres do not allow projection, and it is impossible to get behind the wall. That’s why we developed a new idea under the MouvoLab banner.

We created a set of hanging modules equipped with add-on RGB LEDs (neo pixel), which could be installed even in confined conditions thanks to their variability.

To do this, we created a controllable software solution that automatically converts the video sequence into individual frames, broken down into lines with colour information for each pixel.

The theme of Mouvo 2020 was about playing...

Playing with design, with outputs, with life. The cubes of the Luxfer wall are analogous to the old pixel games, creating an atmospheric spectacle of epic proportions.

From afar, a simple game. Up close, it surprises with its depth of detail.

The content of the video consists of multiple authorial outcomes linked by abstract graphics and typography created to the limiting resolution of 7×24 pixels.


Archa Theatre
Art/Technical Direction
Jan Netušil
Jiří Netušil
Vít Zemčík
Jindřich Novák
Jan Netušil
Jan Malý