Nova Sport

When channel design spirals and turns out great

CME asked us to develop a visual identity for the two sports channels of Nova Broadcasting Group. Our mission was to accentuate yet stay true to the main logo of the network.

Our design solution employed the theme of circular motion – a spiral that transforms into the letter O of the logo. Spinning motion became an underlying principle of the network’s identity.

The station idents embodied the broadcasted sports and image of the channels.

We used a bullet time rig and simulated motion within footage from two opposing cameras. This created an impression of circular movement that we emphasized with a logo rotation at the end of the ident.

For opening sequences of sports broadcasts and competitions, we focused on the use of sports equipment, its surfaces, and related components. We remained receptive to an individual creative approach and cooperated with amazing 3D artists which sustained the diversity of the branding.


TV Nova
Lukáš Fišárek
Marek Cimbálník
Idents direction
Lukáš Fišárek
David Marvan
Lukáš Fišárek
Lukáš Fišárek
Vít Zemčík
Tomáš Markl
Jiří Čuřik
Michal Kajer
Vladimír Řehák
Jan Drozda
Filip Hepnar
Timo Hirschmann
2D animation
Vít Zemčík
Lukáš Fišárek
3D animation
Marek Cimbálník
Openers Artists
Jan Sládečko
Amar Mulabegović
Jakub Špaček
Yaroslav Helešic
Jan Čechtický
Martin Hořejší
Markéta Sasínová
Vlaďka Cimbálníková