White Mountain Battle

Simulated to Authenticity:
Reviving the Battle of White Mountain

The National Museum asked us to collaborate on a major exhibition dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Battle of White Mountain, an event of great historical significance for the Czech people.
The goal of the exhibition was to draw a comprehensive outline of the battle, including the circumstances leading to it, and a portrayal of the subsequential Thirty Years’ War.

The chosen stylization in the form of pictograms offers a varied, easy-to-read and fast communication of information.

The video illustrates the battle and the important, often overlooked circumstances preceding it that had considerable implications for the battle’s outcome.

Under the expert guidance of Lt. Col. Otakar Foltyn, we deployed troops in 3D terrain and helped clarify the historical records of the battle. Together, we took into account different paces of battlefield movement and the positions and point-of-views of the troopers. Our creation resulted in the most accurate animation of the battle so far.

To illustrate the battle convincingly, we combine 2D motion graphics and physical battle simulation. 2D motion graphics are composed using Adobe After Effects software, whereas the battle animation in its actual terrain came to life in Houdini software.


National Museum
Art Direction
Jan Netušil
2D Animation
Jan Netušil
3D Animation
Marek Cimbálník
Markéta Sasínová