Illustrated explainer for public administration

We were tasked with creating an animated explainer video encompassing the changes in eGovernment’s electronic records. We crafted a simple yet visually compelling narrative timeline that enumerates eGovernment’s achievements throughout the last 13 years. We started with Czech Point, a public administration contact point for citizens, founded in 2007. What’s the general vision of a new digital administration? How does it progress and what does the future hold for Czech Point? You can learn all this and more in a thorough explainer video pinpointing eGovernment’s milestones.

We included the start of the data boxes project in 2009, electronic driver records in 2015, register of contracts in 2016, the revised Public Administration portal in 2017, and much more. The video purposefully animates what is important and not to be missed. The timeline emphasizes a specific year with the font size and the implementation of new features with illustrations of associated activities. It’s a clean and attractive explainer solution that conveys a palpable message to the recipient while delivering an expansive and impressive load of information.

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Daniel Šmíra
Jan Netušil
Graphic design:
Daniel Šmíra
Jan Netušil
Jan Čechtický
Vlaďka Cimbálníková