Copy General

Play along with responsive web design

Copy General asked us to discover a playful way to present their corporate divisions and rich 27-year history in the Czech market. We opted to create an interactive and dynamic website that offers a series of quick and engaging games. The graphic design and illustration are inspired by paper stock and cutouts, which the visitor can click on and interact with. The interactions are simplified to the extent that they do not distract but let the user engage with the content and have some fun along the way. By simply scrolling down, you can progress along the timeline of Copy General and genuinely learn about the company’s operations.

Do you want to know how they stay up-to-date, their customers and their projects, and by all means, how it all started? Try it for yourself at


Copy General
Lukáš Fišárek
Marek Cimbálník
Jan Netušil
2D animation
Jan Netušil
Vít Zemčík
Jiří Netušil
Jan Čechtický