Hi 5 to creative channel logo

We were asked to create a complete visual identity, including the entire graphic design setup for the various outputs of the Czech TV channel !5, which started as a new entertainment television channel with original programming including talk shows, reality shows, and lifestyle reporting. Considering the channel’s bouncy nature, our task was to bring a fun and playful philosophy to its branding and TV identity. We decided to turn the number ‘5’ into a modular logo consisting of four components that come alive as separate typographic elements. The most significant is the exclamation mark which symbolizes the impact of tabloid headlines and other emotive statements.

The confident and versatile animation of the logo’s individual components accommodates smooth transitions between program announcements, teasers, and self-promoting segments. The vitality of the channel is emphasized by the personification of the logo which results in funny gags to identify programming. This is made possible by a wide range of lighthearted yet elaborate animations. The art direction and the design of the project won the prestigious PromaxBDA Global Excellence Bronze award.

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TV Metropol
David Marvan
David Vrubel
Vladimír Řehák
Jan Čechtický
Vlaďka Cimbálníková