Retro Music

In a new style

Retro music television is a music channel that broadcasts an uninterrupted stream of popular music videos from decades past. The RETRO logo is modular. Thus, we can add different suffixes after the prefix RE. This new combination creates the names of program blocks such as RESTART, REFRESH, REVOLUTION, etc.
The letter E then acts as a stylized PLAY button of the reverse playback, which starts the logo’s animation.

The channel targets fans of popular music who enjoy data, facts, and trivia. All music videos are accompanied by full-size infographics containing basic information about the song or its author.

A specific feature of RETRO is that they broadcast in the old 3:4 format and the current standard 16:9 format. 
By placing the image towards the left edge, free space was created for an info bar containing more detailed information such as artist profile, discography, lesser-known facts, pearls, etc.

The info bar also displays a playlist of broadcasts and news from pop culture. 
At the top of the info bar is another space containing icons with a brief weather overview. These icons are part of a unified set of pictograms. 

Jingles enhance a continuous music flow with a tape motif - a medium of past decades.

The jingles are loosely followed by the extra jingles of the programme blocks, which depict a linear audiovisual stream through the mask of typography.


Hudební televize
Art Direction
Marek Cimbálník
Daniel Šmíra
3D Animation
Marek Cimbálník
Daniel Šmíra
Jiří Netušil
Markéta Sasínová