Mouvo 2024

Myths of generative A.I.

Only a year has passed since the last Mouvo conference, dedicated to the swift entry of AI into visual arts. In 2023, the audience raised fundamental questions regarding the nature of artificial intelligence. Now, the imprint of machine learning tools is visible on every corner, sparking fiery debates best summarized by the old saying “a good servant, but a bad master.” Further historical parallels are also drawn.

We have supplemented the conference with an interactive exhibition that reflects autonomous creation freed from human control by machine learning. Paradoxically, we wanted to shift attention back to the material world instead of the digital one. The interactive installation of the Golem allowed everyone to "control" their Golem, representing the current stage of artificial intelligence.

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Czech Motion Design
Marek Cimbálník
Jan Netušil
Installation artist
Mikuláš Adamovský
Interactive installation
Mikuláš Adamovský
JIří Netušil
Luisa Pánková
Marek Cimbálník
Graphic design
Lusia Pánková
František Polák
Jan Netušil
Jan Čechtický
Video editing
Michal Špirko
Post production
Jan Netušil
David Jurion
František Polák
Luisa Pánková
MIchal Levíček