Mouvo festival 2017

What was the second Mouvo about? You just need the right tools to give an expression to your art. Technology is a canvas. Future is creativity. Doing things differently not following the crowd. Motion design will stay the same, where it is going to be consumed is the question. Festival presenting Motion Design in all of its forms. Ubiquitous and creative dynamic field, combining graphic design, animation, video, special effects and new technologies. Mouvo festival is a meeting place for all the thinkers, talents and producers around the world, who would like to cooperate and meet others from the community, those who are eager to learn, inspire and to be inspired.


  • Created: 2017
  • Client: Czech Motion Design z.s.
  • Production: Oficina
  • Concept: Oficina
  • Artdirection: Oficina
  • Collaboration: Jakub Spacek, Jiri Sembera, Jiri Netusil, Martin Pokorny, Vit Zemcik, Jiri Netusil, Silvie Lubenova
  • Postproduction: Oficina
  • DOP: David Marvan
  • Music: Jan Cechticky
  • Photographer: Filip Gyore
  • Director: Oficina