EXPO 2010

This experimental short film is based on the overall theme of the Czech Republic presentation at Expo 2010 which is the "Fruits of Civilisation". The Czech Republic is a place, where unique approaches and original, fresh ideas have been valued. Its inhabitants do not remake their surroundings thoughtlessly, but try to keep the city and nature in balance, in line with each other, making use of their mutual potential and thus creating a functioning symbiosis. They create places which hand on a message to future generations. Thanks to new technologies and materials they manufacture products which are of use for the present, but always with care for their local and long-standing traditions.


  • Artdirection: Oficina
  • Postproduction: Libor Batek, Lada Cihak, Robin Mikulas, Igor Gombos, Martin Houra, Richard Jirsak, Martin Kosina, Petr Bradacek, Vladimir Rehak
  • Director: Oficina
  • Client: EXPO 2010
  • Created: 2010/04
  • Music: Jan Cechticky
  • Production: Oficina
  • DOP: David Marvan
  • Concept: Oficina
  • Collaboration: Pavel Smoker Kurak, Jiri Snoopy Merc, Jan Unger, Mejla Dvoracek, David Sachl, Stepan Matena, Petr PK Koutny, Ivan Gardelka, Petr Cafourek, Radana Ivancic, Tereza Pracharova, David Veleminsky, Honza Ulrich, Martin Kriz, Vantage Films, Eallin, Mirage