Mouvo conference 2020

Mouvo 2020 encapsulated the theme Play. How widely Play perpetuates motion design and its associated fields is illustrated in the festival’s teaser. The teaser’s camera style responds to this genre. The point of view uses perspectives from online games, notably isometric, first-person, and top-down. The final render alternates from a two-color 8-bit display to fully textured and employs an 8-bit sound in a bustle. How did we tailor the Play slogan and visual solutions to individual conference presenters? We opted for a grid font that changed according to the speaker’s genre, resulting in colorful made-to-measure animations and 9 different styles of the Play logo.


  • Created: 2020
  • Client: Czech Motion design
  • Production: Oficina, Marketa Sasínová, Kateřina Grecová
  • Concept: Oficina
  • Collaboration: Jindřich Novák, Dan Šmíra, Jan Netušil